This signifies a move towards reshaping the future of filming in Saudi Arabia Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: MBC Group announces that the eighth season of Top Chef will be filmed in the urban delevopment of Neom, Saudi Arabia.

Originally launched by Bravo in the United States, 'Top Chef' features chefs competing in culinary challenges, judged by professionals from the food and beverage industry. In the Mena region, MBC Group has previously filmed the Arabic version of the show in various locations including the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

Currently in production, the upcoming season is scheduled to premiere later this year. Partnering with Neom Media Industries, MBC Group aims to bring a creative direction to the popular cooking show in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.

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According to a statement from MBC Group, filming Top Chef in Neom represents more than just a change of location; it signifies a significant move towards reshaping the future of filming in Saudi Arabia. Samar Akrouk, MBC Group’s Director of Production and General Manager of MBC Studios, emphasised Neom’s visionary environment as an ideal backdrop for showcasing culinary excellence.

The eighth season of Top Chef will blend competitive culinary arts with Neom’s futuristic urban development, focusing on ecological awareness and sustainable living. Akrouk highlighted that challenges in the upcoming season will encourage contestants to innovate and adopt sustainable practices, aligning with Neom's commitment to planetary stewardship.