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  • Emails revealed suspicious plans to support chaos that would undermine stability in the region.
  • Support Qatar establish a huge media platform to support the Muslim Brotherhood with an amount of $ 100 million

Abu Dhabi: Days before the US presidential elections, Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, published e-mails that belong to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after rumors were raised indicating that her personal mail was used to obtain classified information. “We will release this information so that the Americans can see it,” Mike Pompeo told Fox News.

The leaked messages made clear about the fluctuation in the positions of the former US President Barack Obama’s administration, in addition to what some describe as suspicious plans to support the chaos that would undermine stability in the region.

Egypt does not need you!! We will support it

- Saud Al Faisal

The letters revealed the incident of the late Saud Al Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister, closing his phone in the face of Hillary Clinton after she asked him not to send his country’s forces to the Kingdom of Bahrain during riots during the Arab Spring in 2011.

In addition, Clinton Mail contains 33 thousand e-mails, which indicate the existence of a letter from a former US ambassador to the Kingdom addressed to Clinton about the nature of the kingdom and its people. The ambassador said in his message that the Kingdom is the only society that was not penetrated by Western colonialism nor was it occupied by European armies, when the west finally reached it, they did not find themselves occupiers, but rather hired labor for a fee.

He added, “Unlike some Gulf countries, the kingdom invested its oil wealth at home, not abroad,” in addition to the fact that the kingdom is generous with foreign aid. At one point, it donated 6 percent of the gross national product to help other countries, especially Muslim countries.

The letters touched on Clinton’s talk about the State of Qatar establishing a huge media platform to support the Muslim Brotherhood with an amount of $ 100 million, while referring to her meeting with a number of leaders of the Qatari Al-Jazeera network when she visited Doha and spoke with them about visiting the Al Udeid military base in Qatar.

In the same context, Clinton met privately with Waddah Khanfar, General Manager of Al Jazeera Network, and Tony Burman, General Manager of the English-language channel Al Jazeera.

The hashtag #Emails_hillary has been trending in the arab world. Walaa Ahmed Ali, a Twitter user, said, “After all we or most of us read #Hillary’s e-mails, we know now why (Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah) Al Sisi kissed the head of King Abdullah .. Indeed, the Saudis are trustworthy and reliable.”

Ben Ali, a Twitter user, posted on his account, “It has been proven to everyone that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has withstood all the conspiracies and intrigues that have been hatched against it and against the Arab countries. The kingdom was an impregnable dam and a fortress for Arabs and Muslims.”

Eslam Othman said, “According to #Hillary’s emails that were published, the Saudi Foreign Minister #Saud Al Faisal, may God have mercy on him, went to America after completely isolating Morsi and America’s rejection of the Egyptian people’s revolution and said to Obama: “Egypt does not need you!! We will support it.” Othman added, “Egypt and Saudi Arabia will remain the support of the Arab nation.”

Monther Al Al Sheikh Mubarak said, “Saudi Arabia opposed the invasion of Iraq and no longer trusts the American Administration, and the invasion was supported by the Incirlik base in Turkey and Al Udeid base in Qatar! He added, “Truth confirms what is certain, but we now say to everyone who believed the misleading Brotherhood propaganda, can any of you hold Erdogan responsible for what happened to Iraq? Is it time for brains to work?”

The story of the leaked letters, or what is known as the Clinton scandal, goes back to 2015, when the matter was revealed by the New York Times, which said that Clinton had created an email before her appointment as Secretary of State in 2009 on a private server in her home in Chapaqua, New York, and used it during her years of service in Foreign Ministry in all its electronic correspondence, whether related to its government work or its personal affairs.

She also created an email on her own server for both her assistant Homa Abdeen, and the chief of staff of the State Department, Sherrill Mills. Clinton never created government email on a server owned and managed by US authorities, throughout her tenure at the State Department.

In 2015, Clinton handed over her private servant, and the FBI began investigating the confidentiality of the information in his letters.

Abdulrahman M. Asiri piosted a clip of Clinton behind bars with a caption that reads, “Game Over”.