Manama: Social media users in Saudi Arabia have called for action against a private company and actors over a candid camera stunt they designed reportedly to scare people away from suicide bombings.

In the three-minute video, a bearded actor posed as a taxi driver and tricked his passengers into believing he was about to carry out a suicide attack.

The driver spoke about the merit of the suicide attack and how it would take him to the highest levels of paradise.

In the video, the driver reveals to the passengers what looked like an explosive belt before telling them that they should not resist and should look forward to going with him to Heaven.

All four passengers filmed by hidden cameras inside the taxi appear terrified. The second passenger, a teenager, opens the door of the taxi and jumps out.

The first passenger, also a teenager, tries to persuade the driver to stop the car before crying, while the older third and fourth passengers overpower him and force him to stop the taxi.

In the three cases, the driver reveals the stunt was filmed by a candid camera to show them the threat of suicide bombing and terrorist acts.

Online users said they were not amused by the show and called for punitive action against those involved.