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The detained student pees out of the classroom window, Image Credit: Video grab

Dubai: A Saudi Arabia-based school director and his deputy were sacked after the video of a student detained in a classroom went viral.

Social media sites in Saudi Arabia were abuzz with the story of the student, who was detained in the school classroom in the city of Hofuf in the Al Ahsa governorate in the Eastern Province.

The social media reaction has prompted the education authorities in the governorate to sack the school director and his deputy.

Hamad Al Issa , Director General of the Education Department in Al Ahsa, issued two decisions to terminate the service of the director and deputy director of Al Mamoun Intermediate School in Al Hofuf after forming a committee that investigated the matter.

The footage showed the student calling for help from the window of a classroom on the second floor of the school after the end of school hours.

After noticing the incident, the Education Department in Al Ahsa announced that it had formed a investigation committee on the basis of the video clip that was circulated on social media platforms and took disciplinary action against the school officials.