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Dubai: A young Saudi woman named Maha reconnected with her Indonesian mother after 18 long years apart, thanks to an unexpected assist from a YouTuber.

The emotional reunion unfolded after Maha stumbled upon a video by Nur Hassan Wirayuda, an Indonesian cyclist and YouTuber who documents his travels through various villages.

Maha, now 27, was searching for her mother's village online when she recognised her grandfather's house in one of Nur Hassan's videos. This house held her last memories of the village she left at nine years old.

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Excited by her discovery, she reached out to Nur Hassan, who agreed to help. The very next day, he visited the village again, facilitating a heartfelt conversation between Maha and her mother, marking their first communication in nearly two decades.

The reunion story has touched hearts across Saudi Arabia and beyond, eliciting feelings of sympathy and joy. Nur Hassan has been hailed as a hero on social media, receiving a flood of praise on his YouTube channel. Despite his role in this reunion, Nur Hassan humbly declined any gifts, stating that witnessing their reunion was a reward enough.

Maha's journey to find her mother began after her parents separated, and she, along with her five sisters, moved back to Saudi Arabia from Indonesia with their father. Following their father's death when Maha was 14, her contact with her mother was severed due to objections from her father's family.