Manama: A Saudi woman was killed in a car accident as she was learning how to drive in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.

Her husband was sitting next to her and teaching her how to drive when she smashed the car into a concrete block in Al Manar neighbourhood.

The impact of the crash killed the woman. Her husband was injured and taken to hospital for treatment, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Thursday.

The husband later told investigators that he owned the car and that he wanted his wife to learn how to drive.

He said that the car suddenly jolted forward and veered towards the concrete blocks edging the road, causing the accident and killing his wife.

The illegal driving lesson on Wednesday morning was in anticipation of the implementation in June of the decision to allow women to drive.

The decision was announced last week, but the royal order stipulated the formation of a ministerial committee to issue recommendations within one month. The necessary arrangements to facilitate the move will be implemented and women will be able to drive 10 days after Eid Al Fitr.

The accident is the second one involving a female driver and resulting in death.

On Monday morning, a woman smashed her car into a truck, seriously injuring herself and killing her 13-year-old passenger.

The accident occurred on the highway linking Jeddah with Makkah,according to reports in Saudi Arabia.

Officials insisted that women should refrain from driving until the ban is lifted and explained that driving without valid licences is a violation of the law.

Legally, women who cause accidents are liable to assume the consequences of their acts, officials warned.