Saudi Arabia's new crown prince Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef. Image Credit: AP

Manama: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has appointed Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz as crown prince and Prince Mohammad Bin Salman as deputy crown prince.

According to the royal orders carried by the Saudi Press Agency early on Wednesday, Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz, the former crown prince, had requested to be replaced.

Prince Mohammad is the first of the second generation of the Saudi princes to hold the second highest position in the kingdom.

In a major reshuffle of the key figures of the kingdom, King Salman named Adel Bin Ahmad Al Jubair, the ambassador to the US, as the new foreign minister, replacing Prince Saud Al Faysal who held the post since 1975.

However, Prince Saud who has suffered major health indispositions recently, was appointed special advisor and representative of King Salman. He will also oversee the country’s foreign affairs.

Khalid Al Falih was named the new health minister and Adel Al Faqeeh was moved from the labour ministry to the economy and planning ministry. Mufrij Al Haqbani is the new labour minister.

King Salman came to power on January 23 following the death of King Abdullah.