Manama: A Saudi man in his 70s has come under intense criticism on social media for marrying the sister of his son’s bride.

In a drama that challenges the most complex fiction scenarios, the old man went to the home of a family in Al Qunfudha, a city in the Tihamah region on the Red Sea, to call off the engagement of his son to their daughter, but ended up blessing the marriage and asking to marry her sister.

The son had been harshly criticised by his wife and his own mother for planning to take a second wife.

The son explained that he had fallen in love with the woman and wanted to marry her. His first wife opposed the marriage and threatened to divorce him, while his mother supported her and told his son she did not want him to take a second wife. The father joined them and threatened to cut off his son if he did not change his mind.

However, the son insisted he was in love with the second woman, went ahead with his plans and asked her to marry him, Saudi daily Okaz reported.

Both the first wife and the mother refused the son’s engagement decision and insisted on his father to go to the would-be bride’s home and call off the engagement in an appropriate manner.

The father acquiesced and went to the house to apologise to the family.

However, as he was sitting with the father in their living room, he noticed a woman who handed some drinks to be served.

The septuagenarian asked if the woman was the one his son wanted to marry, but her father said that she was her sister. He added that she was a divorcee and that she was 30 years old.

The septuagenarian in a dramatic reverse of his position said that he came to finalise the procedures for the marriage of his son and that he wanted to marry the woman he had just seen.

The women’s father said that he agreed to the request.

“Usually when a man reaches 50, he eases into a simpler life where religion and compassion have a more significant role,” a blogger, writing under the moniker P71, said. “The man becomes more pious and tries to provide for his wife all the things she has missed. Unfortunately, this man seems to be obsessed with other things, moving away from his wife for a younger woman. This is totally unfair and purely egoistic of this old man.”

Nawaf said the septuagenarian was “dangerous.”

“One look was enough for him to change his mind and to reverse his decision, affecting the lives of other people and families,” he said. “This man is dangerous.”

For Saroona, another blogger, a huge mistake was being made.

“Some men may think that this septuagenarian is a hero for daring to take a second wife who is much younger than him,” she said. “This is not virility. This is an old man who needs someone to look after him and to take care of him. I know many women married to old men who keep dreaming about younger men and a happier life. This is terribly wrong,” she said.

Al Haqbani said the marriage should not be allowed.

“This is totally ridiculous,” he said. “He is in his 70s and she is 30.

There are 40 years of age difference. How is he going to handle the situation? This should not happen.”