How to complain against a doctor, hospital or clinic in the UAE
Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pexels

Abu Dhabi: Family members of a patient attacked three Saudi doctors at a Mecca hospital in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, local media reported.

The family members were enraged after the patient died and attacked two consultant doctors and a resident physician, the media reported.

A Saudi doctor, who wished not to be named, told Sabq newspaper, while he along with another consultant and a resident doctor were working in Al Noor Specialist Hospital in Mecca, family members of the deceased who wished to pay their last respects to their relative, verbally and physically attacked him.

A consultant sustained bruises on his hands and was admitted to the emergency ward of the hospital to receive treatment, the doctor said.

Had it not been for people’s intervention to resolve the dispute, the attack would have been more furious, he said.

The attack was reported to the police, and investigation is underway.

Saudi Ministry of Health had confirmed that assaulting a health practitioner verbally or physically is a crime punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years, and a fine of up to one million riyals.