Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: In an emotionally charged reunion, two Saudi brothers have met for the first time in over 50 years, bringing to life a story of separation, longing, and eventual joyous reconnection.

Dr Mudhi Al Shehri, a respected physics professor at Kalamazoo University in the United States, returned to his native Al Namas in Saudi Arabia after decades of absence, driven by a deep-rooted nostalgia.

The journey of separation began 55 years ago following the death of their mother. Dr. Mudhi moved to Riyadh for high school and later embarked on a study mission to America to further his education in physics. The academic pursuit, though fruitful, kept him away from his homeland and family, including his brother Mohammed Al Shehri.

Mohammed recalled the long years of yearning, noting that Dr. Mudhi’s departure happened when he was just in the fourth grade. Their only connection in the intervening years was through social media and old family videos, which recently rekindled Dr. Mudhi’s desire to return.

The emotional reunion was catalysed by an email from Dr. Mudhi’s nephew, expressing the family’s longing. Mohammed Al Amer, a close family friend, also played a pivotal role in the heartwarming tale, bridging the emotional and physical distance that had grown over the years. He frequently visited Dr. Mudhi in the US, sharing the family’s feelings and updates, which eventually convinced the professor to make the long-awaited journey home.

Dr. Mudhi’s brief four-day visit to his hometown was filled with joy and promises to return for a longer stay. The family, united at the airport, shared their happiness and even accompanied Dr Mudhi to Mecca to perform Umrah.