Riyadh skyline, Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: Labour authorities in Saudi Arabia have said it is obligatory for establishments employing 50 workers or more to annually disclose their training data.

A related decree was issued by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources Ahmed Al Rajhi, obligating such workplaces to conduct the disclosure via the government labour platform Qiwa.

The step aims to raise quality and efficiency of the private sector institutions’ training programmes to help boost their manpower’s competence and sustainable development, the Saudi news agency SPA reported.

By virtue of the decree, the ministry seeks to provide clear indicators of training data, improve performance and boost manpower’s productivity as well as fulfil cherished objectives of a national programme to catalyse the private sector in training its personnel and earn them necessary skills for the job market, it added.

According to the decree, those workplaces are required before the end of this year to disclose their training data and activities specifying the numbers of training hours and trainees who have completed the course including workers, students, graduates and job seekers.

Such institutions are, moreover, required to disclose their training plans, numbers of trainees and budgets for the next year.

The ministry said the decree will help provide an “analytical and thorough reading” of the labour market indicators whereby it will partner with the private sector to draw up the necessary incentives and policies to upgrade training programmes.

The ministry has posted on its website a directory for employers, elaborating on the disclosure mechanism and penalties against violating workplaces.