Popular Jeddah mall shuttered
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Dubai: The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has seized over 11 tonnes of Ramadan food products, some from unknown origin, due to poor storage and tampered nutrition labels, local media reported.

The SFDA’s monitoring tours, which covered all regions of Saudi Arabia, were conducted to ensure the safety of food products consumed during Ramadan.

According to SFDA, 719 tours were conducted to warehouses, food distribution centres, retail and wholesale stores, resulting in penalties for 69 establishments and the seizure of more than 11 tonnes of food items.

Most of the violations were related to poor storage, products of unknown origin, and tampering of nutrition labels.

Other violations included the absence of expiry dates on product labels, poor handling of food products, and lack of proper covering for meat items.

The SFDA has urged all consumers to report any violations they come across by calling the unified number 19999 or through the Tameni app.

The SFDA’s efforts aim to ensure that the food products consumed during Ramadan are safe and of high quality.