Hajj saudi arabia grand mosque
Worshippers throng the courtyard of the Grand Mosque around the Holy Kaaba. Image Credit: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has launched ‘Hajj and Umrah MEDIATHON’, an innovative event designed to foster unique initiatives, projects, and solutions to overcome the challenges encountered in the media sector, particularly those related to Hajj and Umrah.

The ‘Hajj and Umrah MEDIATHON’ was unveiled by the Centre for Government Communication (CGC) at the Ministry of Media, in collaboration with the Pilgrim Experience Programme (PEP).

This year’s Mediathon is designed to promote the quality of media coverage for Hajj and Umrah. It aims to do so by partnering with a diverse range of entities and individuals across all institutional communication sectors.

The initiative is set to draw in numerous innovative media ideas, projects, and initiatives poised to significantly advance the media portrayal and development of Hajj and Umrah activities.

The event features several phases, starting with the launch, followed by selection, marathon days, qualification, and finally, the bridging stage. Interested participants are encouraged to join through the event’s online portal at Mediathon.media.gov.sa.

By launching the ‘Hajj and Umrah MEDIATHON’, Saudi Arabia seeks to tap into the creative potential of media professionals and enthusiasts to cultivate a more dynamic and effective media ecosystem that can better serve the needs of pilgrims and enhance the overall pilgrimage experience.