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Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Geological Survey (SGS) has launched the Geological Risk Base Platform, the first digital scientific platform aimed at educating the public about seismic hazards in the context of natural disasters.

The portal will make available important seismic data that serves the public, in addition to expediting the activation of agreements and requests that the geological authority implements such as studies and seismic risk assessment in various locations.

The platform enables users to examine seismic activity data everywhere, and allows them to view relevant data and maps, apart from getting access to information easily. It also enables researchers and specialists to request this data and use it in research.

Bandar Alkhorayef, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources and Chairman of SGS, launched the platform on the sidelines of the 44th meeting of the authority’s board of directors.

The platform was launched with an aim to make seismic data available as a digital electronic page that includes all information related to seismic data and maps in and around the Kingdom.

The platform will contribute to providing technical solutions to prevent potential risks in the future and will support studies to improve infrastructure solutions. It would contain a lot of seismic data that will help support research and educate the public about geological hazards.