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A view shows buildings and houses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: A truck carrying Khat, a flowering plant that contains a stimulant said to cause excitement and euphoria, overturned and had its door sprung open causing drugs to spill out over the highway.

Motorists pulled over to collect the drug lying on the road.

By the time police officers arrived on the scene, people hadcollected most of the drugs.

The driver of the truck, a Yemeni resident, was arrested, and his truck and remaining narcotics were seized, a spokesperson for the Jazan Police, Major Nayef Hakami, said.

Major Hakami added investigations led to the people involved in looting narcotics from the accident scene, who were caught with contraband in their possession, being arrested.

“The khat was seized and the suspected looters were remanded in custody pending moving to the Public Prosecution for further investigation and trial,” Major Hakami said.

Saudi Arabia imposes extreme penalties for the import, manufacture, possession, and use of both alcohol and illegal drugs. Those found guilty can expect lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines, and possibly deportation. Anyone found dealing in drugs in Saudi Arabia is liable for the death penalty.