Manama: Saudi Arabia has deported several Syrian doctors after it said they raised funds for the regime of President Bashar Al Assad. “The decision to expel them was taken to put an end to their activities after they were found guilty of raising funds allegedly to support the Syrian revolution,” sources told Saudi daily Al Watan.

“The medics also sent names of members of the Syrian community in Saudi Arabia who opposed the regime to Damascus,” the sources, described as well informed, said, the daily reported on Tuesday.

The expelled medics whose total number was not given worked in four major cities in the northern part of the vast Saudi kingdom and included women. Health officials confirmed the deportation, saying that it was ordered after the medics were found guilty of engaging in suspicious activities that were politically motivated, the daily said. “The medics were monitored for some time as a result of their unusual attitudes before the decision to expel them was taken,” the sources said.