Dead deer and a crocodile reportedly found by health officials at a catering facility in Khamis Mushait. Image Credit: Okaz

Cairo: Saudi health authorities had seized dead animals including a crocodile, deer and an eagle in a haul of rotten food uncovered at a catering facility, a local newspaper has reported.

The facility in the governorate of Khamis Mushait in south-west Saudi Arabia was a camp preparing meals for picnickers, Okaz added.

Health officials, supported by police, discovered rotten meat including dead animals stored in the facility’s refrigerator. Five live deer were also found in the place, it said.

Municipal authorities said the confiscated food included 250 kilograms of meat unfit for human consumption and past their sell-by dates.

Other reported violations included a lack of hygiene in the place and employment of workers without health certificates.

Authorities shut down the facility and impounded all seized haul for destruction.