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Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday launched 'The Journey Through Time' masterplan as part of the ambitious AlUla Development Program, state news agency SPA said.

The design and spatial vision of the 'Journey Through Time' show marks a new chapter in the legacy of AlUla historical region, which is the world’s largest living museum.

Mohammed bin Salman also launched the Kingdom’s Institute as a scientific centre dedicated to research and studies of the ancient civilisations in the north-western region of the Arabian Peninsula.

The masterplan commits to achieving harmonious coexistence between nature and humankind, preserving AlUla’s rich and diverse cultural legacy, creating development opportunities, and ensuring sustainable economic growth.

The plan is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

The Crown Prince envisaged the masterplan as a way to capture the essence of AlUla as an oasis of unique culture, heritage, nature, and community while curating a timeless legacy with stories of the past to inform the future and open new chapters in AlUla’s unfolding history.

The project aims to position AlUla as the world’s largest living museum and a global destination for arts, heritage, culture, and nature. It establishes a new cultural legacy for AlUla and contributes to the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

It sets an ambitious roadmap to protect, preserve and sustainably rejuvenate AlUla, the world’s largest and oldest cultural landscape formed from the combined works of man and nature over millennia. Work has already begun across all sectors of AlUla development: community, arts and culture, heritage and archeology, nature and wildlife, agriculture, tourism and hospitality, and infrastructure.

The AlUla Development Project is the largest initiative to revive, preserve and rehabilitate the world’s largest cultural oasis, delving deep into its 200,000 years of richest heritage. The master plan is a leap forward to sustainably and responsibly develop Al-Ula and share the Kingdom’s cultural legacy with the world.