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Dubai: Saudi Arabia has banned the sale of tobacco products to those under the age of 18, Okaz newspaper reported.

According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRA), young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to either enter tobacco stores or buy these products.

The seller has the right to ask the buyer to provide age proof. Additionally, tobacco businesses are not permitted to stay open past midnight unless they have a work authorisation. However, this condition is not applicable during Ramadan and holidays.

Those who wish to engage in the business of selling tobacco products must have secured a municipal license, in accordance with the Municipal Licensing Procedures Law and its executive regulations.

Furthermore, tobacco stores are required to offer cigarettes in closed packets with a maximum of 20 cigarettes per packet. It is not permissible to retail sell tobacco products by the pill, kilo, or portion of a kilo.

It is forbidden to give tobacco or any of its derivatives a price break of any kind, or to list them among free promotional offerings like presents, prizes, or sample supplies for any reason.

it is also prohibited to sell or display any goods that contain tobacco, whether it is raw, processed, or any of its derivatives, on any kind of public transportation, including cars, buses, trains, boats, and airplanes.

The regulations set forth by the ministry also forbade the import, sale, or display of any goods with explicit or implicit advertisements for tobacco and its derivatives. It is also banned the use of tobacco residues resulting from smoking or tobacco on which any operations were performed that lead to the deterioration of its quality or characteristics during smoking. The regulations forbid using any names, symbols, signs, or images on tobacco goods in a way that compromises the public’s order.

The employees at tobacco stores are required by law to wear uniforms, which must be spotless and clearly display the name of the business. If an employee contracts an illness, they must quit working and refrain from going back until they are fully recovered.

Additionally, according to the rules, there must be restrooms and toilets for employees, provided that they provide chairs and a space for prayer. Along with eating, drinking, and smoking outside of specified areas, it is not permitted to sleep or unwind within the store.