Kaaba kiswa
410kg of cotton is used in making the Kaaba Kiswa. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The black fabric that covers the Kaaba (the Kaaba Kiswa) weighs 1,300 kilograms, with 410 kg of cotton, local media reported.

According to the Under-Secretary-General for the Affairs of King Abdulaziz Complex for Holy Kaaba Kiswa Amjad Bin Ayed Al Hazmi, the cotton used in the Kiswa is woven in the sections of the King Abdulaziz Complex for the Holy Kaaba Kiswa, using the latest weaving machines, and the cotton is used as a lining for the Kiswa’s cloth.

Holy Kaaba Kiswa Saudi Arabia
For the first time in Saudi Arabia's history, the holy Kaaba's Kiswa was replaced on Muḥarram 1, instead of the 9th day of Dhu Al Hijjah. Image Credit: SPA

The cotton is used in the Kaaba Kiswa due to its special features that give the Kiswa the durability and the necessary strength to withstand erosion during the year.

Al Hazmi’s remarks came coinciding with World Cotton Day, which takes place annually on Oct. 7, as he stated that cotton is considered an important and essential raw material for making the Kaaba Kiswa.

Al Hazmi also said that cotton is used in the production of the gilded pieces of the Kiswa as a filling to highlight the embroidered letters of the verses from the Holy Quran that is used in the Kaaba Kiswa.