Smartphone Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Riyadh Police have arrested a gang of scammers who specialised in sending out text messages to deceive people into giving them their bank accounts details, Saudi press agency said on Tuesday.

The eight-member Pakistani gang, in their 30s and 40s, sent fraudulent SMS messages.

SMS would make the recepients think either that they won a cash prize, or that their bank cards would be suspended if they don't reply.

They would then lure their victims to provide them with personal data that enables them to have access to the victim's bank account. After which the scammers would empty the accounts by transfering funds to bank accounts in Pakistan, Colonel Shaker Al Tuwaijri, the media spokesperson for Riyadh Police, said.

Police raided their residence and seized SR 25,000 (Dhs 24,483), ATM cards and 37 mobile phones carrying different numbers.

The gang members were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for legal action.