Manama: King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz said that Saudi Arabia would not allow “a handful of terrorists, misusing religion to serve their own interests, to terrorise Muslims or harm the nation”.

“We hereby declare that we will continue to confront and fight all forms of this menace that does not relate to Islam by any means. With determination, solidarity and cooperation of the sons of this great nation, we will eradicate this abrasion from its roots,” the King said in an address to the Saudi nation and Muslims as they welcomed Ramadan.

“Some people have been fooled by bogus calls that are not in any way related to Islam. These people have become confused and can no longer discern reform from terrorism. They do not realise that these calls aim to destabilise societies through movements and parties that aim to create schism to divide Muslims. They have forgotten that the purpose of this great religion is to create a Muslim society that reflects solidarity, forgiveness and tolerance,” the king said, quoted by Saudi Press Agency.