Demolition work is under way in Jeddah's 26 undeveloped districts as part of the city's major redevelopment. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Saudi authorities have announced resumption of removing slum areas in the port city of Jeddah after they were put on hold during the past Islamic holy month of Ramadan, local media reported.

The latest removal process will cover the remaining 12 slum districts in Jeddah, Saudi news portal Ajel quoted the Mecca authorities as saying. Jeddah is part of the Mecca region.

Previously, a committee in charge of the removal said the demolition works would be suspended during the month of Ramadan and resume after it. The lunar month ended on May 1 and was followed by the Eid Al Fitr feast.

Last February, authorities resumed a phased plan to develop a densely slum area in Mecca with the aim of eliminating visual disfigurement of the city known as the Holy Capital of the kingdom.

The gradual removal of Al Nakasa, located around 1,500 metres from the Grand Mosque, was suspended for more than a year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The removal is part of a comprehensive rehabilitation scheme.