Image Credit: YouTube

Manama: A video clip of a man showing off a camel wearing an onerous heavy gold necklace has drawn harsh criticism and scorn from social media users.

The owner was clearly elated as he displayed the she-camel adorned with the expensive necklace while some young people were taking pictures at an undisclosed location.

However, the man came under fire on social media as soon as the clip was posted on the Internet.

"Such a behavior is highly condemnable, and I wish the security authorities would summon the man and take legal action against him," Tahtooh, one user, posted. "His trivial attitude and frivolous behavior is bringing prejudice to the whole community and he should be held accountable for that."

Saudi, another user, said that the camel owner behaved in a disgraceful manner.

"He might be showing off his camel at a show or trying to market it and sell it for a higher profit, but his attitude is utterly wrong and he should be held accountable. Religion clearly bans all forms of abuse and he is shamelessly abusing the camel," he said.

Sniper, a social media user, said that action should be taken to ensure there is no repeat of such "ridiculous attitudes."

"At a time when the government is working on providing much better chances for the unemployed and the needy, we have this man who adorns his camel with so much gold," he wrote. "Instead of counting his blessings and showing gratitude to God, he is showing off in a provocative manner, and therefore, he should be held accountable."

Some users said that they would want to see the man slide into poverty and need "in order to learn to be thankful for God's blessings instead of wasting them through totally senseless and utterly ridiculous attitudes."