“I feel that life has returned to me,” said the father of the abducted baby Image Credit: Social Media

Jeddah: A newly born child has been reunited with her parents, two days after she disappeared from a hospital in the western city of Jeddah hours after birth, her father has said.

The Saudi child, named Nour was purportedly taken away from the hospital on Thursday by a woman, who posed as a nurse and claimed she would be checked by the doctor.

“My wife and I experienced a tough time after the child disappeared in mysterious circumstances,” the father, Hussain Ahmed, told Dubai-based television Al Arabiya.

The father said that on Saturday he had received a phone call from another hospital in Jeddah, telling him that his baby was there.

“I have no enemies,” said the father. “I feel that life has returned to me,” he added.

Authorities are investigating to unravel the mystery and arrest the woman abductor, Saudi media reported.

The baby’s disappearance had riveted public attention in Saudi Arabia where social media users launched the popular trending #اختطاف_رضيعه_في_جده .