Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Image Credit: AFP

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has issued a statement, on the occasion of the Saudi 88th national day, stressing on the kingdom’s sovereignty and safety, saluting the Saudi army and security forces.

“No one will be allowed to attack the sovereignty of our homeland or tamper with its security. We would like to pay tribute to the generous efforts of our countrymen in all fields, foremost our soldiers and security personnel, who have shown heroism to defend our homeland,”

The crown prince affirmed that the occasion of Saudi National Day is one to recall the achievements of the country's founder, the late King Abdulaziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, and his sons after him.

“We take pride in our achievements and our position among the international arena and our influential role in achieving regional security, peace, and development.”

In the speech, he highlighted the efforts of the Saudi people. “Our sons and daughters strive to achieve the objectives of “Vision 2030”, which looks forward to the future and seeks to put our precious country in the forefront of nations with the support and guidance of King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz.”

The crown prince promised Muslims that Saudi Arabia would “protect Islam’s principles of tolerance, and continue its war against terrorism.”