Abdullah Al Joaithin in a file photo. Image Credit: Social media

Cairo: Prominent Saudi author and essayist Abdullah Al Joaithin passed away after a fight against illness, Saudi news outlets reported. He was 72.

Born in the Saudi capital Riyadh in 1950, Al Joaithin started writing for the radio while he was a high school student. For 25 years, he collaborated with the Riyadh and Jeddah radio stations, writing a variety of daily and weekly programmes.

He published articles in a series of newspapers and magazines inside and outside Saudi Arabia. He also penned more than 50 books, mostly on social topics.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Media Majid Al Qasabi paid homage to the late writer, saying he has left behind a “big cultural and media legacy”.

Al Joaithin will be buried Thursday afternoon after a special Islamic death prayer is performed for him in a mosque in Riyadh, Saudi media said.