Jeddah mural plastic caps
Covering an area of 383 square metres, this record-breaking mural in Jeddah is uniquely crafted using plastic caps. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A visually captivating mural in Jeddah has achieved international recognition, securing its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Covering a vast area of 383 square meters, this record-breaking mural is uniquely crafted using plastic caps.

The mural, an initiative by the Jeddah Municipality, was a labour of love, taking 8 months to complete. It stands as a testament to the dedication of volunteers and members of the Friends of the Jeddah Municipality.

The artwork incorporates 400,000 plastic caps. Jeddah Municipality released a statement confirming its 2023 record for hosting the world’s largest mural made from plastic sheeting.

The eco-art masterpiece was brought to life by the acclaimed environmentalist Khuloud Al Fadhli. The monumental endeavour is one among many from the General Directorate of Social Responsibility within the municipality.

Hitan bin Hashim Hamouda, Director General of Social Responsibility at Jeddah Municipality, emphasized the mural’s underlying message. Its creation aimed to highlight the crucial interplay between art and environmental preservation. By repurposing plastic in such an imaginative way, the mural underscores the importance of recycling and reusing, while also pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.