6,000 Saudi doctors fight COVID-19 in 41 countries
6,000 Saudi doctors fight COVID-19 in 41 countries Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: More than 6,000 expat Saudi doctors are fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines in 41 different countries around the world, representing their homeland and sending a message of peace, coexistence, and humanity, Saudi media reported.

A large number of Saudi doctors studying abroad decided to stay in their country of residence and face the pandemic, regardless of the risks they might be facing and stressing their commitment to the oath they took as doctors.

The Saudi medical students participated with doctors of different countries in helping patients infected with the coronavirus and were an extension of the Kingdom’s positions and leadership in extending a helping hand and assistance to those in need around the world.

They spoke on a virtual seminar of the project of civilised communication about their experiences with patients in a number of countries to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

The participating doctors, Dr. Hussein bin Saleh Al Hamel at Medicallpark Hospital in Germany; Dr. Hani bin Talal Al Juhani at Colmar Hospital in France; Dr. Moudi Al Khaldi at Case Western University Hospital in the United States of America; and Mohammad Al Nafisi, a human medical student in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, spoke about the positive impressions they received from host communities for choosing to stay to work with fellow doctors to face the threat of the new coronavirus, despite the opportunities for them to return to the homeland.

The Saudi doctors also discussed the human impressions they received in their field of work and their role in drawing a positive mental image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

They were speaking on a virtual meeting as part of Salam Programme for Cultural Communication, which aims to portray Saudi Arabia positively across the world.

Dr. Fahd Al Sultan is CEO of Salam for Cultural Communication which, according to its website, aims to present the “real image of the Kingdom and break down cultural stereotypes that can lead to bias.”

Al Sultan said the Kingdom’s current global status must be a source of pride for every Saudi citizen, he added, because of the pace at which it is progressing on an almost daily basis, well on the way to cementing its place as a global leader.

“Saudi Arabia aims to promote the use of dialogue to prevent and resolve global conflicts to enhance understanding and cooperation,” Al Sultan said.

German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jorg Ranau thanked the Saudi doctors in Germany saying they are partners in fighting coronavirus and deserve the highest of recognition.

There are about 650 Saudi doctors working in German hospitals, indicated the ambassador, adding: “I would like to thank the 650 Saudi doctors in German hospitals. They are our partners in fighting COVID-19 and deserve our highest recognition”

The French ambassador to Saudi Arabia Francois Gouyette also expressed gratitude and praised Saudi Arabian doctors who stayed in France to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Gouyette said the 250 doctors have displayed a “beautiful gesture of solidarity” and the courage demonstrated by these “Saudi doctors is just amazing.”

There are over 6,243 Saudi medical students studying in over 41 countries around the world, who are majoring in 300 different specialties.