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Image Credit: Gulf news archives

Dubai: A building under construction experienced a roof collapse in Habuna Governorate of Najran Region, Saudi Arabia, leading to the death of two individuals. Additionally, two other people sustained injuries, one of whom is in critical condition.

Governor of the Najran Region, Prince Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaid, has ordered the setting up of a committee to investigate the circumstances leading to this tragic incident. The collapsed structure belonged to the municipality of Habuna in Najran and was part of the Cultural Centre project.

Earlier before the collapse, there were reports from the supervisory team on the project that they had observed potential weaknesses in the building’s roof. The contractor had been officially notified about this concern. The unfortunate collapse happened while the contractor was addressing these observations.

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Najran’s operations room had received an emergency report regarding the collapse. As per their reports, two injured individuals were transported to the General Hospital of Habuna. Regrettably, one death was confirmed at the scene, and one person remained trapped under the debris.

The Saudi Civil Defence teams also rushed to the scene and promptly evacuated the injured and gave necessary medical attention.

The municipality of Habuna said that the collapse took place at 12:30 pm on Monday, adding that the competent authorities had ensured the site was secure following the event.

Habuna, the administrative capital of the governorate in the Najran region, lies in the southern part of the kingdom.

As the investigation continues, Prince Jalawi bin Abdulaziz extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. He prayed for strength and patience for them and wished a swift recovery for the injured. The Najran Regional Secretariat is also working diligently to analyse the root causes of this tragedy.