One of Asiri’s goals during his grueling summer journey is to defy himself. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Despite scorching summer heat, a Saudi traveller, who set off on a 15-day tour heading to Riyadh, has said he would continue his journey on a bike to reach the capital Riyadh.

Turki Asiri’s trip started days earlier from Najran in south-western Saudi Arabia.

“My journey on a bike from Najran to Riyadh via Al Kharj governorate covers more than 1,100km to learn about the kingdom’s cities and governorates at first hand,” Asiri said.

He noted that some people were surprised to see him on a bike carrying clothes, kitchen items and a tent. “Many would stop their cars and insist on offering some help in a gesture of generosity,” he was quoted as saying by Saudi news portal Sabq.

One of Asiri’s goals during his grueling summer journey is to defy himself. “I know how I move in summer. I set off on the bike in the morning till 12 at noon. Then, I would settle down and rest until the following day.”

He would pedal 80km per day.

The persistent traveller added that he wants to break free from daily routine and explore his endurance abilities.

Last September, Asiri completed an eight-day exploratory journey on a bike that took him from Asir region across Jabal Al Soudah, one of the highest peaks in Saudi Arabia, and ended up in Taif in the west of the kingdom.

Several areas in Saudi Arabia are currently experiencing high temperatures. The kingdom’s National Centre of Meteorology expected that the highest temperatures in the country Thursday is in Ihsa in the Eastern Province reaching 49 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in the cities of Dammam, Mecca, Medina and Riyadh are forecast from 48 to 46C.