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Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s education authorities have warned students against displaying blasphemy in examination papers, saying legal action will be taken against offenders including sending them to the judiciary, according to a local newspaper.

The Education Ministry has noted that if the student’s answer sheet included an insult to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), or to his companions, or a contempt for Islam, and if the act of blasphemy is verified, the student’s exam in the subject would be cancelled, the offender would be considered a failure that year and be referred to the judiciary, Okaz added.

In an explanatory memorandum on the student evaluation rules for the new academic year, the ministry has also pointed out that if the student’s answer sheet included offensive remarks other than those mentioned above, a report would be recorded, the parent would be summoned, notified of the offence and make a written pledge of non-repetition without scrapping the student’s exam. In this instance, the student would be referred to a guidance committee to look into his case if the need arises according to conduct rules, it added without elaborating.

The new school year in Saudi Arabia started late last month.