20240225 forts
These towering structures offer insights into the Kingdom's past and the lifestyles. Image Credit: SPA / X

Al Baha: The ancient palaces and impressive forts found in the Al Baha region serve as a living testament of Saudi Arabia's rich historical heritage. Scattered across the landscape of nearly every village, these towering structures offer insights into the Kingdom's past and the lifestyles of its early inhabitants.

Among these, Bin Raqoush Palace stands out. Once a private residence, the palace has been transformed into a cultural and historical center welcoming senior officials, ambassadors, and global visitors alike.

Reaching heights of up to 25 meters, the imposing forts of Al Baha once housed watchful eyes. Adorned with distinctive white quartz embellishments, these protective structures offered secure shelters, frequently situated within courtyards, incorporated into residential complexes, or prominently positioned in the heart of village squares.

In recent times, there has been a notable increase in restoration initiatives aimed at revitalizing these structures. Presently, they draw a varied array of visitors, ranging from curious tourists and passionate photographers to production crews in search of authentic settings, as well as history aficionados eager to forge connections with the past.