Saudis guard foreigners living illegally in Saudi Aaabia Image Credit: Courtesy of Sabq

Manama: Yemenis make up the majority of illegal expatriates in Saudi Arabia, according to recently released police figures.

Yemenis make up 77 per cent of the total, followed by Ethiopians at 22 per cent.

Saudi authorities have nabbed 194,000 foreigners staying illegally in the country during a crackdown that lasted from November 15 to December 11.

Authorities have deported 2,029 illegals so far.

Foreigners staying illegally in Saudi Arabia were given three months, starting March 29, to leave the kingdom without paying fines or facing legal measures.

The grace period was part of the “Nation Free of Violators” campaign to help undocumented expatriates validate their residency status.

Illegal expatriates were warned that they would have to pay fines ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 riyals if they failed validate their residency status or leave the country within the 90-day amnesty.