Image Credit: Gulf News

Manama:  The divorce rate in Qatar is going up at an alarming rate with a record number of 1,087 couples divorcing in 2009.

According to the figures released by the Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA), the total number of marriages in 2009 was 3,127. The trend seems to continue with divorce figures for the first five months of 2010. From January to May this year, 528 couples, including 329 Qatari women, divorced, Qatari daily The Peninsula reported on Friday.

Last year, 12.1 men divorced out of every 1,000 marriages, up from 10.5 men who divorced from every 1,000 marriages in 2008. The figure of women who filed for divorce in 2009 was 10.4 cases in every 1,000 marriages, up from 9.2 in 2008.

QSA, which has compiled the last 10 years’ data, said the highest number of divorce cases in the country were in 2009.

A study in 2004 by an international agency said Qatar had the 12th highest divorce rate in the world and had 0.97 divorces per 1,000 people.

Of all the divorce cases among Qataris, women in the age group of 20-29 years accounted for 9.5 per cent of the total. Qatari men in this age group who got divorced made up 33.8 per cent of the cases.

Among the Qatari women, 29.9 per cent of the divorces took place in the age group of 30-39. The divorce rate for Qatari men in this age group was 38 per cent.

The number of first marriages last year was 128. Eight cases of more than one marriage were recorded during the year.

Refusal to spend money on luxury items, alleged stinginess, lack of mutual understanding and unwillingness to obey the partner were some of the reasons cited for the break-up by couples last year. Social scientists in the country believe that changes in the country and new developments have affected the values of families, the newspaper said.

The highest monthly divorce figure last year was in May with 127 cases, followed by June (107), December (105) and April (101).