Hamad International is a subsidiary of Qatar Airways Image Credit: AFP

Qatar's Hamad International Airport has temporarily reduced the number of employees onsite by 40 per cent, with most working from home or on annual leave, a Qatar Airways spokesman said on Tuesday, denying a media report that said the airline had cut its workforce.

"In a press conference earlier today, we confirmed that there had been a temporary reduction of 40% of staff at Hamad International Airport across various areas including food and beverage, retail and ground staff," the spokesman said in response to a Reuters query.

"This is purely a short term response to the COVID-19 crisis and the reduction in passenger numbers through the airport." Hamad International is a subsidiary of Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways' operations have decreased by more than 75 per cent, the chief operating officer of Hamad International Airport said on state TV on Tuesday.

He said 75 per cent of Qatar Airways' fleet has been grounded and that will rise to 90 per cent. He said figures from Monday showed a 90 per cent decrease in travellers compared to before the crisis.