Arrest, generic
Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Two people have been arrested in Oman for posting obscene videos on social media and promoting for the sale of pornographic videos, local media reported.

The accused is said to have filmed video clips for women promoting the sale of pornographic films through social media platforms.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Royal Oman Police announced they had arrested the suspects, whose nationalities were not revealed.

Oman police urged the public to observe public morals and respect social principles and values, especially on social media.

Pornography is completely illegal in Oman. Earlier, the Public Prosecution warned the public against spreading pornography online or through any other means of information technology.

The Sultanate’s Public Prosecution said that whoever produces, displays, spreads, publishes, purchases, sells or imports pornography using the internet or any other means of information technology will be jailed for one year and /or fined up to OMR 1,000.

A statement issued online by Public Prosecution said: “Producing, showing, spreading, publishing, purchasing, selling or importing pornographic materials using the internet or means of information technology, unless for authorised scientific or artistic purposes, is an offence punishable by imprisonment for a period that extends to one year and a fine up to OMR 1,000 or either one of the two sentences.

The sentence shall be aggravated to imprisonment for a period up to 3 years and a fine up to OMR5,000 or either one of the two sentences if the content involves child pornography. The sentence includes those who use the internet or means of information technology to obtain juvenile pornographic materials.”