Robert and Rebecca left their home in the US and moved to Oman to enjoy the full benefits of frankincense. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Robert and Rebecca have been residents of Oman for the past four years. But the passion to visit the country was seeded in their hearts after a life-changing experience with frankincense based products which they used while in the US, their home country.

“Once we became aware of the powerful benefits of frankincense, we decided to give it a try for the issues we were having, like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), acid reflux, anxiety, sleep issues, skin issues, and more,” says Rebecca. “We started diffusing frankincense essential oil at night and during the day. We immediately slept better and felt more relaxed throughout the day. We began making capsules with it and used it topically for inflammation, pain, and skin issues. We had better results using frankincense than with the prescription medications which often have side effects. After having this life changing experience, we knew there was something really special about the sacred frankincense tree!”


Their love for frankincense has grown stronger - and it shows in their health. After realising that Oman is where the world’s premium grade frankincense comes from, they started dreaming about how great it would be to also start a business connected with frankincense along with other indigenous Omani ingredients.

Pure natural elements

Rebecca continues, “We wanted other people to experience the same healing benefits we experienced ourselves. We have friends who started a company in Muscat and they needed help growing the business. Robert has worked in business for years so he agreed to join the existing company his friend had in Oman. Thus was born Sacra Soap & Body, as a subsidiary of the main holding company. Sacra has in its range, products like soaps, eye serum, skin and hair oil, beard oil, tooth polish, essential oil sets, aromatherapy sets, and much more. The ingredients chosen are always pure natural elements which are unique in their properties and sourced in Oman.”

Ancient Arabia

The couple also support the local economy and promote the beauty and culture of ancient Arabia. “We always try to respect the culture and promote the beautiful people of Oman and what they have to offer the world,” adds Rebecca. “We strongly believe that Oman has so much to offer as far as its beauty, culture, and natural resources. For example, the Dhofar region alone has over 1,000 indigenous plants exclusive to the region. We also firmly believe in promoting sustainability when it comes to harvesting the frankincense. Oman is leading the way in conserving these sacred trees and we would like to do what we can to help. Oman is also home to thousands upon thousands of camels. We have seen how valuable they are to the culture in Oman. Camel milk is low in lactose and casein (the 2 common allergens humans have issues with when drinking cow’s milk) making it much easier to digest. When it comes to skin - it is extremely gentle and nourishing, especially for those with skin issues (due to its anti-inflammatory properties). It is also high in lactic acid, which helps with cell turnover, resulting in lighter and brighter skin tone,” shesays.