Oman's Ministry of Health has said that everyone needs to take precautions in order to fight the coronavirus. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Oman’s Ministry of Health has reiterated that the increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases has nothing to do with the opening up of activities, according to the Times of Oman.

Dr Mohammed Al Hosni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Health Affairs, pointed out that the increase in cases has nothing to do with the opening of activities.

“But in the event of non-compliance with the established measures, the cases may rise. Each one should consider oneself a carrier of the virus, and anyone who experiences symptoms should consider himself infected with COVID-19 unless proven otherwise,” said Al Hosni.

In a statement to Al Shabiba, he confirmed that coexistence does not mean surrender and relaxation of precautionary procedures. We have to live our lives while taking precautions that prevent us from getting infected by the virus and also prevent the transmission of the virus from us to others. The last period of lockdown was more than enough to absorb the precautionary measures to prevent this level of spread of the virus.

He said, “Most of the infections among citizens could have been easily avoided as most of them were the result of contact with others.”

“The numbers were expected and were alarming from the beginning, but we were hoping that the commitment of the people will help us not to reach where we have reached now,” he added.

“The continued indifference of some will double the numbers and the number of cases requiring medical care will double, indicating that about 18 per cent of those who enter hospitals need intensive care. There is no health system in any country in the world that can accommodate all these infections, so all governments have tended to flatten the curve.”

Dr Al Hosni emphasised that all referral hospitals have been allocated intensive care beds to accommodate the largest number of cases that need intensive care, but if the number of cases increases such that a significant percentage of the population is suffering from this disease, these intensive care rooms and beds will not be able to absorb the impact. As a second and third stage measure there is a need to create new beds, so that the capacity will be greater to deal with cases that may arise in the future.

Speaking to the citizens and residents, he sounded the warning, “Fear this virus. Do your best not to get infected and not to spread infection to others, so that the country can keep providing healthcare for all.”