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A young Omani boy is pictured with race camels during a camel festival in Al Fulaij, in the region of Barka, about 90km north of the capital Muscat, on October 30, 2021. Oman has allowed the traditional and popular markets including Friday markets and pop-up bazaars to operate normally.. Image Credit: AFP

Muscat: Oman has approved administering a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for select risk group to enhance the effectiveness of protection.

Children from 5 up to 12 ages will receive shots starting November.

Also, students from grades 5 to 11 will return to schools for 100 per cent in-person attendance from November 1, the Supreme Committee said.

The committee also decided to allow resumption of traditional and popular markets including Friday markets and pop-up bazaars. The essential mandatory rules to be followed for such activities include wearing masks, avoiding crowding and adhering to physical distancing.

Although the epidemiological situation points at reducing COVID-19 numbers in the Sultanate, there were instances of people not adhering to the rules put forth by the government, the Supreme Committee noted.

Oman has opened mosques and wedding halls as well as malls and shopping complexes with entry allowed for those who have completed their vaccination. The capacity at places where events take place has been reduced to 50 per cent and guests to any public place must adhere with social distancing and must also be masked at all times.