Omani family murdered
Police in Oman are investigating the case of a five-member family murdered in their home. Image Credit: Twitter. Courtesy:@F6UQw5Tt6esnqC6

Dubai: Police in Oman have launched a manhunt to arrest the suspects involved in the killings of a five-member family who were slain at their home.

On Sunday, the Royal Oman Police issued an important clarification on its official Twitter account and confirmed that it has collected evidence against the suspects involved in the murder.

The statement was made after a mother, father and their three sons were found dead in their home, located in the town of Bidyah.

Police explained that due to the delay in reporting the incident, which was filed two days after the killings, the Asian suspects were able to flee the country.

The Royal Oman Police also confirmed that authorities are currently searching for the suspects.

"Search and investigations are underway to track those who were involved in the crime through international channels.”

Last Wednesday, the province of Badia in Oman witnessed the murder of Hammoud Al Balushi, his wife and three children in their home. 

Police have yet to reveal the modus operandi of the crime.

Social media users posted heartwarming tributes to the family, after residents demanded the suspects be swiftly brought to justice.

Mohammad Al Jadani said: “There is no power and no strength except by Allah. Have mercy on your servant Hammoud Al Balushi and his wife and children. May Allah have mercy on their souls.”