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Abu Dhabi: The Department of Environment and Climate Affairs in the Musandam Governorate has rescued a gannet after Fahd bin Shamis Al Shehhi reported seeing an injured bird as a result of swallowing a large fishing hook at sea in the state of Khasab, Omani medi reported.

The director of the Environment and Climatic Affairs Department of Musandam Governorate, Nasser bin Hamoud Al Yaqoubi said: “Gannet is a bird of tropical seas, including three species in the Sultanate, and numbers of it reproduce on the islands located near the coasts of eastern Africa, southern Red Sea, Socotra Island, and Al-Hallaniyat. And the largest of it is white in colour except for its black feathers on the wings and the tail and its beak is yellow and the bare face is dark blue as the legs are blue and gray or green and thousands of these birds between March and October build their nests in areas of the ground gravel or sand or even rocky gravel.”

A team of specialists in the Nature Conservation Department received the bird from the citizen to provide the necessary health care and nutrition for it to recover.

It will be released back in nature after it has recovered.