Muscat: Five Yemenis were killed in a road accident in Ibri province, northern Oman on Wednesday. One other Yemeni national was seriously injured, the Royal Oman Police said. ROP called on drivers not to speed on the roads and to inspect vehicle tyres before driving long distances.

According to the figures released by the police, in 2017, 3,845 accidents occurred, down from 4,721 the previous year; 640 deaths occurred in 2017, compared to 692 in 2016. Some 3,134 people were injured in 2017, compared to 3,261 in 2016.

ROP figures also suggested that 2,124 of the accidents in 2017 took place during the day, compared to 2,584 in 2016. The number of accidents at night in 2017 stood at 1,721, compared to 2,137 in 2016.

As many as 417 Omanis lost their lives in 2017, 89 of them females. The number of expats who lost their lives in road accidents stood at 223.

Fridays saw the most number of deaths in road accidents in 2017 – 109 from 532 accidents.

Saturdays came next with 106 deaths, followed by Tuesdays, which recorded 101 deaths from 590 accidents.

Speeding was the most common cause of accidents, followed by negligence and road bad behaviour on the roads.