Muscat city
A view of the Muscat city. The Dubai-Muscat bus service by Oman’s Mwasalat has been running for several years with three daily buses. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Oman has no intention at the moment for any closure of borders with any countries but could decide on classification of countries by red, green or yellow categories based on the COVID-19 situation if required.

Speaking at the press conference of the Supreme Committee, Oman’s Health Minister Dr Ahmed Al Saeedi indicated the procedures for travellers to enter Oman from different countries will depend on the pandemic situation of those countries and their ability to bring it under control.

Dr Al Saeedi also said there had been no consensus reached yet on a ‘health passport’ for citizens of GCC states due to certain reservations.

He drew attention to the importance of the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. “It is important that cancer patients, those who have undergone an organ transplant, have AIDS and patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs take this dose. The fear and concern of having to face another wave of COVID-19 exists in Oman as in other countries. Vaccination alone is not enough. The Supreme Committee is closely monitoring the situation.”

In Oman, irrespective of the first two doses taken, the third dose will be Pfizer.

Dr Al Saeedi also pointed out that imams in mosques should call on worshippers to maintain social distance and to take precautionary measures.

Oman has requested that GCC country citizens be exempted from (RT) PCR examinations, at the last meeting held in Bahrain. However, no decision has been taken yet, as per the information shared at the press conference.