Manama: A second lawmaker has filed a motion to grill Kuwait’s social affairs and labour minister in a new indication of the difficult relations between the parliament and the cabinet.

Parliament member Riyadh Al Adsani said that the quizzing motion against Ahmad Al Rujaib revolved around five topics that included alleged irregularities at the Orphans Care, deterioration of the sports situation in the country, bogus companies, weak oversight and malpractices involving the operations of cooperative societies.

Last month, MP Al Saifi Mubarak Al Saifi filed a motion to grill Al Rujaib. However, he said that his topics differed from those by Al Adsani and refused to accept a possible merger of the motions.

The existence of two grilling motions against the same minister is reminiscent of the case of Al Shamali, the former finance minister who had to face two motions before one of the MPs withdrew his move. The minister faced the grilling, but resigned afterwards.

Backed by solid evidence

Al Adsani on Monday told reporters that his motion was backed by solid evidence and that it would be taken up by the parliament at its session on June 19.

Sources said that the parliament would announce Al Adsani’s grilling motion at its session tomorrow as part of routine procedures.

The flurry of questioning cabinet members could produce new drama after MP Obaid Al Wasmi hinted at a possible motion to quiz Prime Minister Shaikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Sabah over press reports suggesting that the government was likely to rebuff the Jaber University and anti-blasphemy draft laws.

The draft for the anti-blasphemy law that stipulated the death penalty for insulting God, or Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) or companions or wife, was last month supported by 41 members of the parliament dominated by Islamist and tribal lawmakers.

However, the draft needs to be endorsed by the Emir.