Senior students in Kuwait's public schools arrive for the first day of their graduation exams in Kuwait City in June last year. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Unvaccinated teachers and students who are 16 will no longer need a negative PCR test to enter schools, local media reported.

The Council of Ministers yesterday approved a decision cancelling the PCR negative requirement to enter schools.

The Ministry of Education said it is now seeking to speed up plans to abolish the two-tier system and return of school activities to the pre-pandemic era.

According to senior sources in the education sector, the ministry faces many obstacles, including shortage of cleaners since there are about 900 school buildings housing kindergarten, primary, intermediate, and secondary students.

The sources said the ministry is still suffering from a severe shortage of workers, as it has not yet been able to appoint all those who had applied for the position of cleaners through direct contracting, and only about 400 have been appointed so far.