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Dubai: An Egyptian nurse has been sentenced to seven years in jail while another Egyptian man received a four-year-jail sentence for forging a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, local media reported.

The court also ordered the man to pay 800 dinars fine. According to court papers, the nurse working for the Ministry of Health reportedly accepted 100 dinars bribe to get the certificate.

The couple will be deported from the country after serving the jail terms.

Kuwait has witnessed many similar cases in which employees were caught forging PCR or vaccination certificateS. Last July, authorities arrested three nurses for issuing forged COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

Also last February, Kuwaiti authorities arrested a laboratory technician who issued over 60 forged COVID-19 PCR tests for $99 per certificate, according to local reports.

Local media reports identified the suspect as an “Asian” laboratory technician who agreed to falsify polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test certificates for $99, taking a commission of nearly $20 per certificate while giving the rest of the amount to his clinic.