Kuwait is cracking down on traffic violations, collecting fines and seizing vehicles. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: The General Traffic Department of Kuwait reported that it had collected 66,000 dinars from traffic violations within a day through its operations at various entry points encompassing land, air, and sea.

This rapid action followed the enforcement decision made on Saturday, targeting traffic violations committed by Gulf nationals and expatriates.

Nearly 70 individuals - 50 men and 20 women - predominantly of various Asian nationalities, saw their travel plans abruptly halted due to major traffic violations that couldn’t be rectified through the Ministry of Interior’s online portal. In some instances, these issues led to “blocks” and the seizure of vehicles.

In a statement, the General Traffic Department clarified that certain fines, particularly those related to exceeding speed limits or wrongly parking in spots designated for the disabled, cannot be settled via the ministry’s website or other official channels. Instead, violators need to personally visit the Violations Department and rectify these issues before their intended travel dates.

In a move to enhance efficiency, the Traffic Department has initiated the rapid registration of violations and their prompt entry into the violation system, a process accomplished within 6 minutes of issuing the violations. These notifications are then dispatched through the “Sahel” application. This initiative aims to ensure timely collection of fines, whether during government transactions, travel arrangements, or expats’ residency renewals.

Sources highlighted that the swiftness in issuing and documenting violations within the system serves to safeguard public funds while also curbing reckless behaviour.