Vaccine passport
Vaccine passport Image Credit: Lukas/Unsplash

Abu Dhabi: Kuwaiti authorities have rejected 10,000 COVID-19 passports ahead of foreigners’ return to the country as Kuwait International Airport resumes commercial flights on Sunday, August 1, local media reported.

About 73,000 residents vaccinated overseas have uploaded their passports onto the Health Ministry’s portal, of which 18,500 have been approved so far.

Sources attributed rejection of the vaccine passports to technical reasons related to the type of vaccine, failure to complete the vaccination data, or the certificate not containing a QR code, through which the certificate issuing authority and its validity are verified.

All measures regarding the return of vaccinated residents to the country are scheduled to be announced this week after studying the recommendations of the technical committees in coordination with the Corona Emergency Committee.

The sources pointed out that “those who received the vaccines in Kuwait will only need to register on the Kuwait Passenger platform and download the immunity application, in addition to conducting a PCR test 72 hours before arrival, indicating that they are free of infection.