Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities have pledged an inquiry into the death of a man while he was in police custody in a case that has stirred an outcry in the country, Kuwaiti media reported Saturday.

Newly appointed Interior Minister Anis Al Saleh ordered the formation of a “neutral” committee to investigate the incident and present a related report within a week, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Al Saleh, who is also a deputy prime minister in a new government installed last week, ordered that all employees linked to the incident be suspended from duty until investigations are finalized, the ministry added.

“In case any violation is proven in procedures taken with the deceased citizen, the wrongdoers will be brought to account and appropriately penalized,” the ministry said.

For his side, Al Saleh said he is closely following the case of the dead man, identified as Ahmad Al Zufeeri.

“I won’t allow any transgression or remission,” the minister said in media remarks.

Head of the Kuwaiti parliament Marzouq Al Ganem offered condolences to the man’s family and hailed Al Saleh’s prompt reaction.

“We ask the Interior Ministry to continue to show the highest degree of transparency and deal in all firmness with any wrongdoer,” Al Ganem said.